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Bridal Garter Sets (Two Piece Set)



Calary Bridal Garter Sets Red GartersGarter Model Number GA1201-1 Red and White, Two Piece Set. High Stitch Count








Black and White Bridal Garter Sets CalgaryGarter Model Number GA1201-2 Black and White, Two Piece Set. High Stitch Count








Pink Bridal Garter Sets CalgaryGarter Model Number GA1201-3 Pink and White, Two Piece Set. High Stitch Count








Brown Bridal Garter Set Calgary Alberta CanadaGarter Model Number GA1201-4 Brown and White, Two Piece Set. High Stitch Count








Pink White and Black Bridal Garters in CalgaryGarter Model Number GA1201-5 Dark Pink, Black and White, Two Piece Set. High Stitch Count








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Calgary Bridal Garter Sets. Wearing a lace and ribbon wedding garter is an exciting wedding day tradition, originating in Europe and dating back to the middle ages. In those times, it was common practice for the groom’s men to rush at the bride and snatch her garters off of her as a prize. As you may imagine, this often resulted in disaster for the wedding dress. Consequently, as sensibilities changed and sophisticated over the years, brides began voluntarily surrendering articles of clothing, including her garters, before they could be torn away forcefully. The tradition continued to change through time, until the groom himself became the one to remove his new wife’s garter and toss it to the men. The man who catches it is then entitled to enjoy a dance with whichever lucky lady catches the bride’s tossed flower bouquet.

This tradition and many other wedding traditions regarding wedding garters have sprung up, despite the fact that garters are now mostly obsolete as a functional garment. Once made of heavy cloth or leather and used to hold up stockings and socks, they are now simply a provocative and sexy fashion accessory made primarily of lace and ribbon. They will usually also have some other adornments such as rhinestones or bows. Whether you follow the European tradition or make up your own, one thing is for sure; the wearing of a wedding garter is as in demand and traditional as the wedding dress itself.

You can wear one garter by itself, whether you will be tossing it or not, or buy a set of them and wear one to keep and one to toss. The wedding garter can be worn on either leg, but if you choose to wear two they are both worn on the same leg, the tossing one being the bottom one. This is to prevent the groom taking the wrong one. You might also want to let him know beforehand which leg it is on to prohibit needless wandering hands and preserve some bridal modesty. Even brides who will not be following the European tradition of tossing their garter most times choose to wear one anyways for the fun of it, especially since it is such an established practice.

Many brides use a pretty blue wedding garter for their “something blue”. Others like to match their dress, particularly any specific decoration it may contain such as ribbon, beading or crystals. Some make it more interesting by choosing a provocative color or matching it to their undergarments. Bridesmaids, mothers, or friends can also give a fancy wedding garter set as a gift to the bride while planning the wedding day.

The tradition of wearing a wedding garter is certainly a large one with a long history, and has evolved into a small but important part of every bride’s wedding day attire. Canada Bridal Accessories Wholesale Ltd. has enough beautiful styles and colors of quality fashionable garters, available wholesale at an incredible value, to satisfy any bride’s wedding garter needs.